Visual Worlds 2/Illuminated peep cabinets

The thing you look at moves and changes ?
We have a tradition of studying colour contrasts by painting different colour combinations on two-dimensional surfaces. These peep cabinets can complement such studies with the possibility to study colour contrasts and light and shade in a changing spatial context.
One of the starting points for this is the artist and colour theorist Josef Albers? works on colour contrasts. While Albers focused mainly on two-dimensional pictures, my concrete visualisation of contrast phenomena in the illuminated cabinets is based on actual spatial conditions.
The illuminated peep cabinets are mounted on swivelling stands and can be rotated. The colour and light that changes as they are aimed in different directions should be looked at through the peep-hole.

It is not the colour phenomena in themselves that are interesting, but the revelation and discovery of colour combinations and spatial relationships, in the manner of an artist studying a subject.

The most beautiful colours appear in the aimed parallel daylight on a cloudy day, but the experiment can also be carried out using artificial sources of light or a combination of daylight and artificial light. In this way, we can study how colour appears in different kinds of light.