On-going projects:

Sustainable experience Art Park 2010 – 2012

The project is a practice-based artistic research project based on international collaboration between China and Sweden. The staring point is a green open place in Botkyrka - Fittja Äng - where the plans are to convert a green open place into an ecological wetland park, where art and storm water cleaning is combined.
The project has received funding from the Swedish Research Council.
Administering organisation is Konstfack, Stockholm.
The research team consists of Leif Bolter, artist, architect, Emma Göransson, PhD, artist/senior lecturer, Bob Lee, architect, designer, professor, Tongji University, Shanghai, Roland Ljungberg, PhD artist/senior lecturer, Gösta Wessel, artist, professor

The Poetics of Space 2011 – 2013

The project is a collaborative and interdisciplinary artistic research project aiming at redesigning public suburban spaces in terms of sustainability, social interaction and recreation. This is realized at a site in Botkyrka - Fittjahöjden.
The project has received funding from the Swedish Research Council Formas.
Administering organisation is Arkitekturmuseet, Stockholm
The research team consists of Emma Göransson PhD, artist/senior lecturer, Roland Ljungberg PhD artist/senior lecturer, Leif Bolter artist/sculptor, Gösta Wessel artist/professor, Anders Winell lighting designer/ senior lecturer
Contribution associated partners: Botkyrka kommun, Fagerhult Light Academy, Konstfack, Osram


Completed projects:

Visual Worlds2
 Colour – shape – movements 2003 - 2008

This project was a collaborative work between perception and psychophysics research at the Psychological Department of Stockholm University and artistic developmental work at Konstfack. 
Our starting point is the visual experience of the worlds around us. 
The project was funded by The Swedish Research Council, Humanistic – Social Science Research.
The research team was of Gösta Wessel, professor/director of research, Lennart Högman, Ph.D, Ulf Klarén, associate professor, Roland Lindhé, professor/coordinator.
Down below you can see some examples of experiments carried out by Gösta Wessel within the project Visual Worlds2.